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Open Car Transport is the most widely used method for shipping vehicle. Open carriers range from 3-5 vehicle carriers to single level haulers and bi-level auto haulers that transport 7-10 vehicles at time. With open car transport it is important to know that we work with A-rated carriers with a strong customer service history and full coverage insurance. We make sure that you get the most economical option, with maximum strength.

Our carriers will load your vehicle into the truck; secure it by strapping the tires into the loading ramps for a safe and secure auto shipping trip.

Completely enclosed trailers will vary in size and fit between 2 to 6 vehicles per load.  These carriers are typically used to transport classic, antique and luxury automobiles because they offer complete protection to its vehicles. They are designed to keep your vehicle free from the outside elements such as rain and snow. They also provide a higher level of vehicle insurance than open carriers. They tend to cost considerably more than open carrier transport.


Classic Cars are a reminder of the good ol’ days; of days gone by. Many car enthusiasts yearn to own one, pouring hours of sweat and tears into restoring it, so that they can one day proudly show it off to friends, family, on-lookers and admirers. If you’re a classic car owner then you know firsthand the amount of time and money those cars are worth – monetarily and sentimentally. So when the time comes that you need classic car transport services, you want to be assured it’s going to be handled with the up-most care.
There are many different reasons a person may have for shipping a classic car. Some of the more popular reasons are car shows, moving, buying/selling classic cars and special occasions. No matter the reason, it is so important that the car transporter and auto transport service you decide to use understands how to properly handle classic cars and get them to their destination in excellent condition. State Wide Transportation has years of experience as a car transport company. Many car, truck, motorcycle and classic car owners have entrusted State Wide Transportation with their prized possessions and are completely satisfied with the service they received. If you are shopping for an experienced and reliable auto transport company, then count on us.


State Wide Transportation provides with door-to-door service. With door-to-door service, the driver will do the best they can to deliver directly to you. Some cities/towns have restrictions which prohibit large trucks on residential streets. Auto transport trucks are very long and they need room to maneuver. If the access to your pick up or delivery location is restricted by narrow streets, low-hanging trees, or tight turns, the driver may ask you to meet him at the nearest convenient and accessible location.


If you’re moving for a job, there are chances are they’re paying for it. We can supply all proper documentation for reimbursement.


We welcome all snowbirds to use our service. We understand the trends and when is the best time to ship your vehicle.


If you purchase a vehicle from an Auction, more than likely it will be out of state. Or far enough that picking it up your self will be too difficult. We pick up from ALL the Auctions out there, salvaged Auctions like Copart or IAAI, or New vehicles coming from Mannheim. We got you covered.


When moving to a new town for College, you’ll need a car to get around. We have services specifically designed to save as much as possible on shipping.


Whether you are being deployed or just need a vehicle shipped, we take great pride in repaying to military personal for the service, which has been provided by you to our country. We offer instant discounts with proof of military affiliation.

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